Tuesday 10 April 2012

Barefoot Doctors Survey

If you have been involved with the Barefoot Doctors project over the last three years in any way, we would really like to know what you think about it.

Have you got a few minutes to fill in a three question survey?
Your views would really be appreciated. Thanks so much :)

Click here to take survey

Don't forget to press the DONE button when you are finished.

Monday 5 March 2012

100 SOUNDS - A call for musicians ....for the Stoke Olympic Torch Relay parade


WE are looking for brass and woodwind and percussion musicians (any age) of a basic level and above (room for beginners) to take part in a street band of 100 and a carnival of 1000's :)

Here is an opportunity for musicians to get involved with a fun street band for the Stoke on Trent leg of the Olympic Torch relay.

We are looking for brass, woodwind and percussionists to take part in a series of workshops in Stoke on Trent leading up to the procession on 30th May.

Musical Director, Dan Fox is writing new music for the procession. He has over twenty years experience working with street-bands. His playing has taken him all over the world, from playing a heated trombone at the Winter Olympics in Albertville to playing in a wetsuit whilst flippering across a lake outside the Dutch Parliament. He currently plays tuba with the Boom Bike Band and bass drum for Macnas theatre company (Galway).

Dan co-founded and made the drums for Boom Dang, a new style of street drumming that combines Dhol/ Surdos and funky street rhythms.

There will be four Sunday workshops leading up to the parade.

No experience of parading is necessary but musicians must be willing to process with their instruments. Although the project can cater for a wide range of playing abilities, some playing experience is preferable.
Please ask around if you think you may know somebody interested :)

Join the 100 Sounds Facebook group  to find out more 
- once you have joined the facebook group you can write on the wall and ask Steve any questions you may have about how you can get involved the project. 
If you would rather talk than type ....you can contact Steve by phone on 07704788937

Olympics Torch Relay Opportunity - FLAG MAKING

100 Flags for Stoke Olympic Torch Relay Community Parade

Calling flag makers and people who can use a sewing machine based in North Staffordshire
An opportunity to learn a new technique and take part in major event in Stoke in May 2012.

On 17th March we will be running an open audition at B arts (Newcastle under Lyme) to recruit a team of flag makers, no previous experience in flag making needed but machine sewing an essential skill.

You will be working with Wendy Meadley (www.flickr.com/workingwiththewind) a freelance artist who has successfully applied the technique of reverse appliqué to flag making in the UK creating unique installations and site décor.

You will be instructed in this technique and then, if selected, you will use it as the method to create 100 large processional flags under the supervision of Wendy Meadley, for the Olympic Torch Relay in Stoke on Trent in May.

We need a team of flag makers who will be:

·     competent at using a sewing machine.
·     have their own machine which they can use for the project and audition
·     resident in North Staffordshire and are over 18yrs
·     available for the following dates:
Saturday17th March (the open audition)

Mon 23rd - Fri 27th April & Wed 30th May ( the actual flag making sessions)

We are able to offer a small amount of money to cover expenses

We would like you to write to us (max of 2 sides of A4) telling us:
·     why you would like to be involved
·     your relevant experience
·     how will you use this new skill in the future

Please send your information, 
by email info@b-arts.org.uk 
... by snail-mail: c/o Hilary Hughes, B Arts, 19 Barracks Square, Barracks road, Newcastle under Lyme. ST5 1LG

Your info needs to arrive with us before 5pm Friday 9th March
All phone enquiries to Hilary on 01782 717326

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Take Part

We've had a clean up of the author and admin list since summer school . So if you find that you can't write on the page at the moment don't worry. We will be inviting contributors again soon.

For the meantime - we would love it of any Barefooters would like to add their thoughts towards our next show called Take This Waltz, scheduled for February 2012.

Please visit this blog link below and answer the questions you will find on there. Any problems sending your answers via the blog , you can email them directly to Susan at susan.clarke@b-arts.org.uk.


Take a look...
Take part ...
Take This Waltz ...

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Can't believe how the time has flown!

I can't believe how the time has flown, only a month ago I was waiting in anticipation for the start of Summer school.. and now, I sit here and its a memory! crikey!

Friday 26 August 2011

One week after!

Five Go Filming - The Brampton Mission

A week has gone since Summer School  - can you believe it!
What creative things have you done this week? have you managed to grab a picnic in the park, take some photos, write something , observe something new, make something amazing... Hope so!

Anyway - You should've received a special brown envelope through the post this week...
 - asking for your feedback from the Barefoot Doctors Summer School 2011( a quick creative evaluation sheet) If you can get them back to us in the next few days that would be fab (just  use the envelop provided) With any evaluation, it's always best to do it ASAP before the memory fades.

I think we still need postal addresses from three folks - so if you've not received your envelope yet please email your postal address to info@b-arts.org.uk

Have a wonderful August Bank Holiday weekend everyone and try to do something creative everyday! 


Monday 22 August 2011

'The Last Train for the last Waltz'

The Barefoot Doctors Summer School 2011........was an absoulte joy to be apart of , I'm very happy to have met lots of like-minded creative indivduals.  Through an exciting and creative three days this has allowed me to renew my creative juices and allowing great ideas to grow. It was another discovery gateway for me as an artist and has enabled me to realise that I can take inspiration from absoultly anywhere :).

The piece I helped create was inspired by the one of the verses of the song 'Take this Waltz' by Leonard Cohen, intertestling enough the inspiration that Leonard Cohen took to write the lyrics for the song, came from the poet Federico Garcia Lorca and the poem is known in English as 'Little Viennese Waltz' . I in turn found this exteremly inertesting and saw this as almost like looking through a window, or a journey of sorts.

And so in my groups mini film/performance of our inspiration/journey that orginated from Federico Garcia Lorca poem, which then became a beautiful music and lyrical piece to then again change into a visual and at times aural stokie piece. I found great enjoyment at mixing different art-forms that of old and new to essentially create a piece of live art.

Friday 19 August 2011

Oh.... the hokey cokey.....

Well, it is now Friday.. on Tuesday I would never have anticipated reaching Friday... but thats how it goes with weeks I suppose, espescially one's that involve B-Arts and the Barefoot Doctors Summer School! Day Three: Tying together of all our work from Wednesday and performing it live on t'internet... interesting visual effects due to live streaming, adding to the mystique of the performances :-) Each individual giving something different to each piece and each audience member taking something individual with them from it too. Just shows that when you throw a bunch of creative people together that they'll come up with 2+2 = infinity. Even the spaces between the pieces were filled with creativity of some sort.. the dance of moving tables and chairs, the dance of setting up equipment, each intermission choreographed with movement.. would be nice to see a time-lapse of the whole event to watch the rhythms of everyone. Each individual performance piece was outstanding considering the time contraints involved and proved that creative people don't just add creativity they multiply creativity by a million! A lunch of soup, bread and salad, everyone open and chatting, several conversations about life, the universe and all inbetween. Discovering similarities and differences and finding that each person utterly supportive of each other. Now to Flashmob hokey cokey!!! I had taken it upon myself to tag "Newcastle Town Centre" in my facebook status update that morning.. just to see if it would have an impact on what we were doing... the message went out: "Flashmob hokey cokey 4pm Newcastle Town Centre" The pixies of mischief were fully in control. The interesting part was trying to look inconspicuous and at the same time hang around ready for the "signal". The new sweet shop seeming to be a favourite haunt of potential hokey-cokey-ers. So carried away was I with the plethora of confectionary, I nearly missed it.. Luckily the Guildhall reminded me, with its chimes! On your marks.. get set... go!!! It was over far too quickly... the little boy who brought his toys to it, the dog tied to the man's belt (the dog loved it!!!! It would seem that Dog's really "get" what B-Arts is about... such is their sense of humour). Phew!! Its over.. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to melt into the background! "What was that all about?" I was asked, "Is it going out on YouTube?" asked another.. such is the power of social media. It touches all our lives whether we realise it or not.. Social media, blogging, Online home made movies, and all the rest were once the domain of the "geek", the "nerd".. the socially isolated, who used it as a means to communicate with their friends.. Its now been adopted by the whole world... this world has now shrunk.. it is smaller... it is however, still full of possibilities, the infinity of conciousness that can come together for a few days and create together. A group of strangers who have become good friends. Individuals who through social media will continue to create, share projects and go out into the world!!! Thank you Barefoot Doctors Summer School, thank you B-Arts... for inspiring, giving space and time to allow for this to take place. ((((HUGS)))). rofl.

Well that was fun...

Great week with you guys. Kinda want to build a house of creativeness and have us all live in it. By the sea...of tranquility.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Summer Lovin'- had me a blast, Summer Lovin'- it happened so fast!

Three whirl-wind days where strangers became friends.
We would like to thank the amazing group of people we have had the pleasure of working with these last three days. 
You know who you are 
Thank you for displaying such a willingness to share your ideas, collaborate and create magical and beautiful moments with your candles and incense, the senses of sounds, seeing her memories in a ghost coat with the feasting pigeons and the journey of their dance.You know what we mean.
Thats what it's all about...!
Flashmobbing Newcastle  - Relive some of it with Ustream
Don't forget to tag us in your facebook photos
We'll carry on uploading stuff over the next week - so please do keep calling back to the blog and leave your thoughts over the next few days - once you've had chance to get your breath back !

a horrible warning from real life!!!

... look what happened to this ordinary young Newcastle-under-Lyme man after just two days of Barefoot Doctors workshops.
He did not take appropriate precautions!
Make sure that you don't end up affected in this way - take necessary prophylactic measures now - or suffer the appalling consequences.

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Destination unknown...

The 'Barefoot Doctors' has a fascinating air of mystery about it...We never know what to expect from one moment to the next.
Here is a glimpse of the beginning of my journey, looking through the window of the Barrack's studio.
Destination unknown.
Difficult to express my journey today in words.
Perhaps everyone can make their own individual interpretations as to what direction may be taken next and what your personal journey may look, sound, feel, smell, taste like...?

Live action.

Info on how to see the live streaming of all your hard work tomorrow
Streaming Instructions (this post will take you via facebook)

So tell you friends to gather around their computers this will be the one they don't want to miss!

Plus we are flashmobbing in the town centre tomorrow at 4pm. 
Definite location to be announced here on the blog, on twitter and on facebook tomorrow. 

So tell you friends they can either join us or avoid us !!!

We're going to have so much fun tomorrow
 - thats what its all about! 

DAY 2!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... ... ... The Viennese Waltz!!! Having not done anything resembling "ballroom dancing" since 15 and my school leavers "do". It came as rather a shock to find we were off to The Rialto Dance Studio in Sunny Stoke to learn it from Helen, another Barefoot Doctor!!! To say we giggled with embarrassment is perhaps an understatement... we (I'm using we, as "we" were a group and I don't think any of us escaped!) were taught how to move, how to stand, how to hold, and vaious other things that you get taught in dance class... It was like being back in school. After dance class, back to Newcastle... to "find our space".... which we did, and sat like children on a school trip eating our specially packed lunches, surrounded by pigeons, shoppers and screaming children! This whole day seemed rather like certain memories from my past... From dance classes attended in youth, through to polling people in town which I engaged in during my adolescence... B-Arts Summer School is nothing less than surprising!! It takes you places you would never think possible... :-)

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Deja vu

Well that is bloody weird - blogging here made me go back and look at my old blog, only to discover that the last time I posted, was during the 2009 Barefoot Doctors summer school - two years ago.
For a while blogging was real lifeline for me - I had recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and had to give up a job I had been doing for 18 years - I was faced with many months on the sofa and blogging was one of the ways in which I filled my time (I narrowly avoided succumbing to daytime TV). So two posts in one day after two years of silence seems like some kind of testament to the power of collaborative creative activity.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, but slightly worried about whether fatigue will get me (for those not in the know severe fatigue is a major problem for people with RA) - still I coped today, so a good omen for the morrow.
See you all tomorrow, lovely people :) x


I just wanted to say a very big Thank you to all of the team at B-arts for today introducing me to the world of blogging! I have now taking the very brave first step to my own site! I have now set up my very own blog, and bought my own domain names. This is a work in progress, but I have at least added my very first blog to my site! I couldn't have done this without all of the advise that I received on day 1 of B-arts summer school. I am very excited about where this could possibly lead! The possibilities are endless, and for the first time, I am excited by this, rather than scared!
I will see you all again tomorrow! :)

Blooming Flip... what a day!!

Well, well, well... What have I learned today? Thanks to Carly, that 33% of people want to know why, and only 18% want to know what... so I'll post a sly why and see if I can grab your attention.. Why???? Well, because it is... totally insane day, as would be expected with B-Arts really... I came because I was "encouraged" to... Deb once said "You'll love it Sheena, come on down" So I signed up. I was told to bring my mobile phone to arrive for 10am and that was basically it.... Well, the days ticked by, babysitting was arranged, and I got up, had half a coffee and turned up.. slightly nervous.. to be greeted by smiley faces (I think Susan demanded that we wore a smile), maybe people were smiling because they had wind, either that or they were just nervous, in the pricise way that children are not nervous on their first day of school. Ice breakers began... hmm... Not sure... Sipping apple juice (Where's the coffee Deb???) Ah-ha moment!!!! Getting the idea now.... Not so silly these people. Ooh, learning interesting things and sharing interesting experiences. Nomnomnomnom.... COFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! You want us to do what???????!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, in for a penny......... Which? what? endless void that is "t'internet" Oooh... lunchtime - communal meal, very polite, very healthy, nommy food. Was it objet d'art now... think it was..... Fascinating presentations. Overall, wonderful first day.. now for eggs, chips and peas a mug of tea (need to dilute the coffee!) then off out (text from "t'other arf".... we're going The Glebe later!) See you all tomorrow!!!!


Hi ...I'm here! Thank you for a great day :) I feel very energised and excited ..

Responses to performance pieces

As a group, we have been working on a performance piece in response to object-driven performance. We had to tell stories etc. with random objects, and then come together for a big performance later. We decided to highlight the use of the internet and digital media through sharing information in the form of objects to represent various things people put online.

Are we all good to go?

People are about to show us their responses to the great performances they have just seen. Are we OK here Carly - This is my interpretation of the world - Clapping - We are just watching them and doing them - Are we alright here Tone - Yeah what ever - Cool - Slamming - Clapping - Laughing - Are we alright here Susanne - The buses just went quiet - Clapping - You say you are innocent so talk - You don't say much do you - I'm here if you need me - Clapping - You just eat boundaries Susan - Army coat in the courtyard - Silence - Flash! - Laugh - Clapping - Shall we all hide?

current pics


So it's just after lunchtime and the room is heaving with conversation and making, tearing paper, snatches of working chatter come past me like "Are we going to do this with no words," 'Shall we shout out?", "make it quite simple","maybe it's like a work bag". "this is what punishment for kids was.." We have all spent the morning open space-ing our digital landscape,making connections and working out how to join up- so many things- reconciling the public and the private, how do we engage and make the world wide web and engaged and creative space- not just a platform for ranting, mind games and pretence of the least positive kind. A definition of performance is about to be redefined. Here we go Susan

...a bit nervous

Tuesday 9-12 - feeling mild anxiety about going to the first morning of BD, but also excited. When I did a BD workshop a couple of years back, I made several really good friends, who in some cases I went on to collaborate with on artsy stuff.
So the nerves are the usual social anxiety - will I fit in, will I cope physically (particularly will I get too tired to cope?), have I got stuff to offer? Only one way to find out I suppose - finish breakfast, get my stuff together and get off down to the Barracks...

Summer School 2011

Morning everyone
Here we go then
Into the largely unknown- because who knows what this group of people on this day can create!
We're getting hold of the tools and we're off and running
Good luck and good connections to us all

Thursday 3 March 2011

Under the Same Sky

Parents in Penkhull ... come help us make some beautiful banners for the Children's Centre.

Barefoot Doctors teams up with Growing Hearts and Minds
project to run printing sessions with guest artist Simon Ripley.

Also - take a look at the Penkhull blog, did you know there is a local news-blog ?
Penkhull blog (Under the same Sky article)
Home page : http://welcometopenkhull.wordpress.com

Thursday 10 February 2011

OPPORTUNITY - Fancy doing something useful and fun ... ?

If you are available on Friday 25th and / or Saturday 26th February we would be interested in speaking to you.
100 Stories is a special performance for just for two evenings this February. It takes people on a journey that starts at 6.15pm in Hanley (City Centre) Stoke on Trent and involves a walk with digital audio, performance, visuals, live music, installations and all sorts of wonderment.
If you can only help a few hours please still get in touch, as we will be able to work a rota of volunteers. Some people might just be able to help during the performance hours, whilst some of you may want to help with the setting up of the event during the day too. 

Fun will be had by all, you will be with a team of performers, artists, volunteers, students and professionals - all ages, all abilities, all experience welcome.
Volunteers for the evening shows will need to be capable of walking for 90 minutes and available 1 hour before the show starts and be prepared to stay around until 9pm if possible. Once you've signed you up as a volunteer we can give you a full schedule of tasks and the places you need to be and at what times.

During the performances we have opportunities for people wanting experience as Assistant Stage Managers, outdoor event stewards, rigging operators , plus we have opportunities for people who may want to help out with really useful roles like providing tea and biscuits, van loading and litter pickers.
There will be a volunteer briefing session and training in specific technical areas will be given also. This experience may be useful for your CV and as usual we are willing to support our Barefoot Doctors with creative and personal development as an ongoing process throughout the year.
If you are interested please call 01782 717326 or email info@b-arts.org.uk 
You can call someone for a chat about how you could be involved - just call the B arts office and speak to Philippa or Deborah. 

To find out more about 100 Stories please go to the DATfest website where you can also book tickets if you have friends who would like to be in the audience. DATfest is a weekend digital arts festival for Stoke on Trent, within the Stoke Your Fires programme

Monday 8 November 2010

Barefoot Doctors Gathering

WHEN : Wednesday 10th November 2010
TIME: 6.30pm – 8pm
WHERE: 19 Barracks Square. Newcastle under Lyme. ST5 1LG

The Barefoot Doctors are having their quarterly gathering and it’s a great time for you to meet people involved in the various projects across the programme. 

If you've not been involved before why not come along  - Newcomers can discover what Barefoot Doctors is all about , meet new folks and consider getting involved in some positive creative action for the local area.

It’s a chance for past and current participants to catch up with some familiar faces too. Share what they have been up to and find out about projects they've vaguely heard about but maybe not had direct involvement.

It’s just 90 minutes and if you're a creative adult desperate to meet some people on the same wave length this could be the ticket ! 

If you are struggling with childcare, you can bring children with you - plus you don't have to stay for the whole time. It's an informal evening where we share project news and invite people to get involved with new activities and develop ideas.

Making creativity multiply is what we are all about and we would like you to be part of it too. There will be retro snacks, cups of tea and a friendly welcome for all.

More information contact info@b-arts.org.uk or call 01782 717326 or just come along. Please note that the meeting is up a flight of stairs but if thats going to be difficult please give s a call and we'll do what we can to help. 

Finding us: Its in the old army barracks opposite the bus station in Newcastle town centre. First door on the RIGHT as you come through the archway... number 19. 
Look out for a big FOOT on the door!  

Wednesday 6 October 2010

The Toy Stories - a project for SHOP-Stoke

Come and visit us at SHOP Monday 11th October - Wednesday 13th October and don't come alone ... bring your favourite toy with you!
The Toy Stories is a project for anyone of any age - just come along with a favourite toy and share a story about why that toy is so important. If you've not got the toy any longer you can still come and tell us about those special toys, the ones you could never say "goodbye" to and maybe those that broke your heart when they disappeared! Why was that toy such a great part of your childhood ? What happened to the toy? Maybe you have an amusing anecdote to share.  For full project details please  view the information on SHOP website. 

Barefoot Doctor Training Opportunities
During this project we want to recruit 6 Barefoot Doctor volunteers ( aged 18 +) to train on-the-job throughout the three days. If you can commit to one or more of the following time slots 
12noon - 2pm ( not on the Monday)
2pm - 4pm ( all three days)
4pm - 6pm ( all three days)
Contact Deborah Nicklin 01782 717326  - or email info@b-arts.org.uk
The skills you will develop shall include: 
Using hand-held cameras, using apple mac computers, interviewing people on film, accessing the internet, uploading files and creating an animation, plus there will be some hands-on making and building of a ToyTown set and assisting the public to create their miniture sets too. You will see how community based arts workshops are delivered and explore the issues involved with 'drop-in' style workshops

Monday 30 August 2010

Hi Folks

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Summer School .... we created a really special thing on 26th August, so glad to have been there and we hope you enjoyed it too. 

Deborah will be catching up with participants for their One to One chats if we couldn't do it during our super busy three day Summer School.

You were all fabulous, free of inhibitions and totally open to your creativity.

To develop what we were doing over those three days we are considering running a sound experiment  - one day soon ... so keep your eyes on the blog for an announcement.

Anyone who missed Summer School but wants to be a  Barefooter ... stay in touch . Make sure we have your email address  -  email deborah.nicklin@b-arts.org.uk  

Sign up to the b arts mailing list too ... go to the website for details  www.b-arts.org.uk

Take care, keep that creativity multiplying  xxx

Thursday 12 August 2010



After the success of the first Barefoot Doctors Summer School in 2009, we are offering a three-day opportunity to explore new ways of working in a variety of art-forms, and create a new site-specific performance close to the City Centre. 

During the Summer School there are various opportunities to network, meet new people, try new things, learn new stuff and update skills you might have already dabbled in, chances to collaborate with new artists and try new techniques in different environments

  • Film and Camera Skills: Editing, Projection and Animation
  • Performance: Character Work, Comedy, Text and Physical Theatre
  • Creating Objects: Prop building and found objects
  • Sound: Mixing, found sounds and composition
  • Work on your own and with the other students to explore collaborations and cross-overs with artists and non-artists.

We welcome a wide variety of interests and experiences – you must be 18 or over.
The course is free and lunch is provided each day.
To apply or for more information:

  • e-mail: info@b-arts.org.uk
  • text:  ‘SUMMER’ to 07809 516456
  • phone:  01782 717326

Wednesday 30 June 2010


Important  News ! Something is afoot!

Barefoot Fridays are having a summer break ... so please don't turn up on Friday evenings at the Barracks until further notice ! 

- but wait  - that doesn't mean there is nothing to do this summer ... 

Barefoot Doctors are hosting a Summer School . 
3 fantastic days in August , back to back - 24th, 25th & 26th.

We held a Summer school last year and it was a fab experience and really well received by the people who attended. If you came along last year you are more than welcomed to join in this summer , the sessions will be different and you will meet new people.

Again - this will be an ideal opportunity for creative people who want to do something a bit different this Summer, meet new folks and develop new skills. We are looking for people who want to really 'up' their skills, think about how they work as an artist ( maker or doer) consider themselves in workshop environment and possibly develop ideas towards future projects they may want to deliver, learn some useful techniques and develop how they work within a group. 

The sessions will help you to channel and challenge your creativity. You will be doing lots of activities, using your resourcefulness, your imagination  and your communication skills - you will really be thinking on your feet - 
( perfect for a Barefoot Doctor !)

To get the most out of this experience it's best if you can attend all three sessions -  
Tuesday to Thursday 
10am - 4pm. 

It's free and we provide you with lunch on all three days.

If you would like to attend please click on this link  http://www.b-arts.org.uk taking you to the B arts website.

Places will be limited , so don't wait too long or you might miss out ... and we wouldn't want that - would we ! 

Friday 25 June 2010

Barefoot Friday - join us!

What will we be doing this month?: We will be looking at our European project and uploading some short films.... no experience necessary, so don't worry about technical stuff. Plus you don't have to be an established Barefooter already , first timers are always welcome, and any folks who may not have been for a while - come and say "hello"

DateFriday 25th June ( The last Friday of the month, as usual )
Time : 6pm start with 8pm as the end time.
Venue: Upstairs at the b arts offices
- 19 Barracks Square, Newcastle under Lyme. Staffordshire ST5 1LG

Need more info : You can contact me via email at deborah.nicklin@b-arts.org.uk or call the office for a chat 01782  717326. Check out the new b arts website too at www.b-arts.org.uk

Thursday 24 June 2010

Barefoot Friday - it's here again!

What will we be doing this month?: We will be looking at our European project and uploading some short films.... no experience necessary, so don't worry about technical stuff. Plus you don't have to be an established Barefooter already , first timers are always welcome, and any folks who may not have been for a while - come and say "hello"

Date: The last Friday of the month in June is tomorrow  - Friday 25th June.
Time : 6pm start as usual, with 8pm as the end time.
Venue: Upstairs at the b arts offices
- 19 Barracks Square, Newcastle under Lyme. Staffordshire ST5 1LG

Need more info : You can contact me via email at deborah.nicklin@b-arts.org.uk or call the office for a chat 01782  717326. Check out the new b arts website too at www.b-arts.org.uk

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Barefoot Friday

Hi there Barefooters, I hope this finds you well and happy.

Just a quick recap on what happened at the last Barefoot Friday. There were 17 of us at May's get together and it was a lovely session - yet again! Some people brought their kids and grand children along them and there were some new folks too. We had a lovely time.

Susan Clarke led the session this time around and we had to imagine ourselves trapped in a lift ( or elevator as the Americans like to say!) with the one person who could make our dreams come true!

There was lots of fun and laughter, with people stepping up to the mark and giving it their all, others just watching or joining in with discussions. Ideas are emerging for potential spin-off projects that people would like to see happening so we're going to start developing those ideas further.
Don't forget our next meeting , you don't have to be an established Barefooter already , new people are always welcome, and folks who may not have been for a while - come and say hello.

The last Friday of the month in June will be Friday 25th June.
6pm start as usual, with 8pm as the end time.
Venue: Upstairs at the b arts offices
- 19 Barracks Square, Newcastle under Lyme. Staffordshire ST5 1LG
You can contact us via email at barefoot.doctors@yahoo.com or deborah.nicklin@b-arts.org.uk or call the office for a chat 01782 638775 / 717326.
Check out the b arts website at www.b-arts.org.uk

Monday 24 May 2010

Barefoot Friday ...crickey they come around quick!!!

Yes folks , Its Barefoot Friday this week.

February was great and March and April ... as it really been that long since I mentioned our Barefoot Fridays on the blog. We've been busy I guess. We were getting the Annual Report back to our funders in March plus we've been having some fun and games with office moves and redecorating at B arts.

We're in the same building by the way, so don't think we've moved ...We still meet upstairs at 19 Barracks Square, Barracks Road Newcastle under Lyme St5 1LG

Well we've had some lovely sessions lately. March we had fun telling stories, painting plus a bit of posing about and acting. We were exercising some very vivid imaginations that night!

Rachel Grant came in to see us in April, with her Sense of Place map which will be showing at The Shire Hall Gallery in July. We added our comments to the parcel tags - little quotes about our favourite places and we had a lovely time.

So what about Barefoot Friday in May. What can you expect ?

Two hours of friendship and creativity - relaxed, informal and fun. This month we are going to do the 'It's Your Story, Tell It' workshop. If you've got a plan, a dream , and idea, something you want to do, then together we'll get our thinking-caps on and see how it can be done and do it ! With a bit of focus, hocus pocus and creative vibes will set the wheels in motion. Come along, meet some new folks and have fun ..... please reply to say if you can come along, we're looking forward to seeing you

Meeting at 6pm and going on until 8pm,

MAKE IT A DATE: Friday 28th May :o)

Friday 19 February 2010

Barefoot Friday

Hi folks
The end of the month means its time to go BAREFOOTING !
We've changed the name of the monthly Barefoot Doctors Friday Surgery to Barefoot Friday. It sounds kinda funky, plus I was beginning to worry that one day somebody might ask me to treat their bunions and verruccas ! ....yeeeeeuck ! So if you want to get more involved with the Barefoot Doctors project it woud be great if you could get yourself along to the next session:
  • Friday 26th February
  • 6-8pm
  • Upstairs at 19 Barracks Square, Barracks Road, Newcastle under Lyme. ST5 1LG
(It's the Victorian army barrack building, straight opposite the bus station)
We have put an invite on facebook, so if you 'do facebook' take a look at the event info and if you can make it on 26th, click to say you are attending - it helps us to plan the session more if we have an idea how many folks will attend.

This month we are meeting to get the 100 Stories project off the ground.
The Barefoot Friday sessions for the next few months will be focussing on this project. You will have the opportunity to shape it, be in it , showcase what you can do.We anticipate a performance/ installation/ public showcase opportunity of some description sometime in the summer.
I went into Staffordshire University the other week to talk with the students at the Creative Communities Unit about what we do. Whilst I was there we started collecting a few quick stories from the people ... we didn't have too much time to get really stuck-in, but we still had fun. If you were there, come along and carry on with what we started.
If you generally struggle with Fridays ( with work commitments, transport etc ) drop me a quick note via email or post to say you want to be part of 100 Stories and we'll try to get you involved. As the 100 Stories project develops we will be host workshops outside the regular monthly Barefoot Friday routine. I'll let you know about them when they are planned.