Thursday, 10 February 2011

OPPORTUNITY - Fancy doing something useful and fun ... ?

If you are available on Friday 25th and / or Saturday 26th February we would be interested in speaking to you.
100 Stories is a special performance for just for two evenings this February. It takes people on a journey that starts at 6.15pm in Hanley (City Centre) Stoke on Trent and involves a walk with digital audio, performance, visuals, live music, installations and all sorts of wonderment.
If you can only help a few hours please still get in touch, as we will be able to work a rota of volunteers. Some people might just be able to help during the performance hours, whilst some of you may want to help with the setting up of the event during the day too. 

Fun will be had by all, you will be with a team of performers, artists, volunteers, students and professionals - all ages, all abilities, all experience welcome.
Volunteers for the evening shows will need to be capable of walking for 90 minutes and available 1 hour before the show starts and be prepared to stay around until 9pm if possible. Once you've signed you up as a volunteer we can give you a full schedule of tasks and the places you need to be and at what times.

During the performances we have opportunities for people wanting experience as Assistant Stage Managers, outdoor event stewards, rigging operators , plus we have opportunities for people who may want to help out with really useful roles like providing tea and biscuits, van loading and litter pickers.
There will be a volunteer briefing session and training in specific technical areas will be given also. This experience may be useful for your CV and as usual we are willing to support our Barefoot Doctors with creative and personal development as an ongoing process throughout the year.
If you are interested please call 01782 717326 or email 
You can call someone for a chat about how you could be involved - just call the B arts office and speak to Philippa or Deborah. 

To find out more about 100 Stories please go to the DATfest website where you can also book tickets if you have friends who would like to be in the audience. DATfest is a weekend digital arts festival for Stoke on Trent, within the Stoke Your Fires programme

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