Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Are we all good to go?

People are about to show us their responses to the great performances they have just seen. Are we OK here Carly - This is my interpretation of the world - Clapping - We are just watching them and doing them - Are we alright here Tone - Yeah what ever - Cool - Slamming - Clapping - Laughing - Are we alright here Susanne - The buses just went quiet - Clapping - You say you are innocent so talk - You don't say much do you - I'm here if you need me - Clapping - You just eat boundaries Susan - Army coat in the courtyard - Silence - Flash! - Laugh - Clapping - Shall we all hide?


wyldwych said...

Says it all really :-)

Tone said...

Yup - that about sums it up :)

Paul said...

It was all good to go, more of the same tomorrow please. Lets get the mission done peeps :)