Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Deja vu

Well that is bloody weird - blogging here made me go back and look at my old blog, only to discover that the last time I posted, was during the 2009 Barefoot Doctors summer school - two years ago.
For a while blogging was real lifeline for me - I had recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and had to give up a job I had been doing for 18 years - I was faced with many months on the sofa and blogging was one of the ways in which I filled my time (I narrowly avoided succumbing to daytime TV). So two posts in one day after two years of silence seems like some kind of testament to the power of collaborative creative activity.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, but slightly worried about whether fatigue will get me (for those not in the know severe fatigue is a major problem for people with RA) - still I coped today, so a good omen for the morrow.
See you all tomorrow, lovely people :) x


Sunshine Meadows said...

Fab photo Tony, particularly the feet with no body!!!
I remember two years ago at Summer School you felt re energised after a few days with the Barefoot Doctors - lets hope the creative energy is on your side this time too and you enjoy the fun tomorrow brings

Betty Buffer said...

That's so good to hear
and really appreciate your verbal wrestle with process/ product at the end of the session today
So glad to have you in the building