Monday, 22 August 2011

'The Last Train for the last Waltz'

The Barefoot Doctors Summer School 2011........was an absoulte joy to be apart of , I'm very happy to have met lots of like-minded creative indivduals.  Through an exciting and creative three days this has allowed me to renew my creative juices and allowing great ideas to grow. It was another discovery gateway for me as an artist and has enabled me to realise that I can take inspiration from absoultly anywhere :).

The piece I helped create was inspired by the one of the verses of the song 'Take this Waltz' by Leonard Cohen, intertestling enough the inspiration that Leonard Cohen took to write the lyrics for the song, came from the poet Federico Garcia Lorca and the poem is known in English as 'Little Viennese Waltz' . I in turn found this exteremly inertesting and saw this as almost like looking through a window, or a journey of sorts.

And so in my groups mini film/performance of our inspiration/journey that orginated from Federico Garcia Lorca poem, which then became a beautiful music and lyrical piece to then again change into a visual and at times aural stokie piece. I found great enjoyment at mixing different art-forms that of old and new to essentially create a piece of live art.

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