Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Toy Stories - a project for SHOP-Stoke

Come and visit us at SHOP Monday 11th October - Wednesday 13th October and don't come alone ... bring your favourite toy with you!
The Toy Stories is a project for anyone of any age - just come along with a favourite toy and share a story about why that toy is so important. If you've not got the toy any longer you can still come and tell us about those special toys, the ones you could never say "goodbye" to and maybe those that broke your heart when they disappeared! Why was that toy such a great part of your childhood ? What happened to the toy? Maybe you have an amusing anecdote to share.  For full project details please  view the information on SHOP website. 

Barefoot Doctor Training Opportunities
During this project we want to recruit 6 Barefoot Doctor volunteers ( aged 18 +) to train on-the-job throughout the three days. If you can commit to one or more of the following time slots 
12noon - 2pm ( not on the Monday)
2pm - 4pm ( all three days)
4pm - 6pm ( all three days)
Contact Deborah Nicklin 01782 717326  - or email
The skills you will develop shall include: 
Using hand-held cameras, using apple mac computers, interviewing people on film, accessing the internet, uploading files and creating an animation, plus there will be some hands-on making and building of a ToyTown set and assisting the public to create their miniture sets too. You will see how community based arts workshops are delivered and explore the issues involved with 'drop-in' style workshops


Rash Human said...

Hi. Just dropping by to say I stumbled onto your site and am very impressed. I had no idea Newcastle had something so creative!!

B Arts said...

Hi Rash ... thanks for the lovely comment :)

... Come along to our Barefoot Doctor Gathering on Wednesday 10th November 6.30pm-8pm
19 Barracks Square Newcastle under Lyme.
Meet some barefooters and discover what we do ...get involved if you like :O)
Need more information call 01782 717326