Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blooming Flip... what a day!!

Well, well, well... What have I learned today? Thanks to Carly, that 33% of people want to know why, and only 18% want to know what... so I'll post a sly why and see if I can grab your attention.. Why???? Well, because it is... totally insane day, as would be expected with B-Arts really... I came because I was "encouraged" to... Deb once said "You'll love it Sheena, come on down" So I signed up. I was told to bring my mobile phone to arrive for 10am and that was basically it.... Well, the days ticked by, babysitting was arranged, and I got up, had half a coffee and turned up.. slightly nervous.. to be greeted by smiley faces (I think Susan demanded that we wore a smile), maybe people were smiling because they had wind, either that or they were just nervous, in the pricise way that children are not nervous on their first day of school. Ice breakers began... hmm... Not sure... Sipping apple juice (Where's the coffee Deb???) Ah-ha moment!!!! Getting the idea now.... Not so silly these people. Ooh, learning interesting things and sharing interesting experiences. Nomnomnomnom.... COFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! You want us to do what???????!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, in for a penny......... Which? what? endless void that is "t'internet" Oooh... lunchtime - communal meal, very polite, very healthy, nommy food. Was it objet d'art now... think it was..... Fascinating presentations. Overall, wonderful first day.. now for eggs, chips and peas a mug of tea (need to dilute the coffee!) then off out (text from "t'other arf".... we're going The Glebe later!) See you all tomorrow!!!!

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Betty Buffer said...

Thanks Sheena
my guess is today has been a whirlwind for you too
I love the feeling I am getting from your group and am looking forward very much to tomorrow