Friday, 26 August 2011

One week after!

Five Go Filming - The Brampton Mission

A week has gone since Summer School  - can you believe it!
What creative things have you done this week? have you managed to grab a picnic in the park, take some photos, write something , observe something new, make something amazing... Hope so!

Anyway - You should've received a special brown envelope through the post this week...
 - asking for your feedback from the Barefoot Doctors Summer School 2011( a quick creative evaluation sheet) If you can get them back to us in the next few days that would be fab (just  use the envelop provided) With any evaluation, it's always best to do it ASAP before the memory fades.

I think we still need postal addresses from three folks - so if you've not received your envelope yet please email your postal address to

Have a wonderful August Bank Holiday weekend everyone and try to do something creative everyday! 


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wyldwych said...

Been blogging, writing songs, knitting, and generally living my creative life :-) No pics, been too busy to take any!! lol