Friday, 6 November 2009

Standstill - our walk about photos

Started to put photos on the Barefoot Doctors Flickr pages
( Flickr is a photosharing website)
If you don't know how to upload your pics and allow us all to see them, you can email your pics to or and we'll upload them
If you do put any photos on the web please tell us how to get to them :0)
To see the ones that Paul took last night on his phone, as we did our Walkabout along the low road ( Town Road and Old Hall street route), please follow this link


in2nation said...

i have an idea for 1 of the 12!! and yes it does involve the panart hang......!

Barefoot Doctors said...

ooooo ! make sure to get your idea to us by Thursday 1pm - meeting at the Barracks or email it to us before then. Say what will happen, whats needed, the location etc ... Tar !

Celine Siani Djiakoua said...

Hi, here is a link to my Longhouse blog with a speical post about Standstil :

daydreamer83 said...

Ok, meant to post (something like) this a while ago, i.e Before the deadline, but perhaps it could be used as an extension/supplement/para-project

-- Based on the variable timescales suggested at the Halloween meeting, my suggestion was for a form of artist research over a period of time.
It would take (or would have taken) place within a control booth like a cavern surveying before and after impressions of the Winter/Christmas period by means of images, sounds and scents

Structured as:
- initial 'sensation creation' (aural/olfactory etc) inside of the tent,- ask the audience for first winter/nnakah/mas associations
- Then ask audience to reassemble photos or other tactile signifiers as provided

- (Photos chosen from street scenes, Christmas)
- Take them through the following process as detailed then—
- Ask the participants again for new ‘impressions’ of what the season means.

the sounds would be a combination of low-throb subliminal grooves, building up to treated dialogues and Christmas melodies mixed in with other cultural impressions and wood-grove samples,deer and bird cries .

Acrid charcoal scents and cherries along with wrapping paper synthetics and pine.

SOUND and TASTE laid over visual representations to create effects not just sociological but of the uncanny, ala the Santa drawings discussed around Halloween or the commerce code jamming ideas people have thrown forward, but slightly less determined- e.g as specific cultural critique

We could have collections of images set in motion-single frame and short-film-- like woods outside with trees scratching the sky and in between lanterns shining along with precipitation and colours in the forest to create impressions which are phenomenal and also directly abstract. And alongside this we overlay imbedded cultural constructs with pre- Victorian depictions of Christmas from the woodland- e.g Malorian myths- and other landscapes still faded by their own irrepresentability (cultural memory) as hope and melancholy.

daydreamer83 said...

And the montage could then evolve into frames scratched to create lights like constellations in the observatory and the journey into the unconscious (inner-history-space) alike—Christmas images overlaid with shards of light- Brakhage style obscurities. These sparks would be like consciousness, like growing imagination on the face of the cave.

Also the shift from primordial and into earth-religions and then into we call modern Judo-Chr-Is and Enlightenment civilisation, but with the same elemental impulses in art and memory left by the uncanny images sounds and colours conjure up in us.

It might be possible to tie this into a quest narrative-exploring the sky- frames suggesting star-gazing and also decrypting the faded images and in turn a truth underneath equivalent to discovering multiple connections between the other art--sites and finding a story of the subconscious.

The kind of scene we might create in short;

Flat/house—indescript, but signs of Xmas. In the crowded kitchen -quickened time moments, a blur and then we shift to darkened sitting room with dots of light and time has frozen affixed to the Christmas tree. In the contrast an image of crooked fairylights, the confusion and allure of fir-tree charcoal and the scent of perfume conjure a flickering face in the gaps. Then we cut to the christmas morning light blending into associations-waiting for- the suspense of being--from one wait to another.

General sorts of imagery which might be used:

Fir forest-light on and off-changing in front of eyes into tinsel
Decorations made of twigs celebrated in the dimming light
Baubles in a sandpit-or clay dust.
-- worn hands from Christmas shopping and hands carving figurines over the fire
-- eggnog visions transposing into amorphous ‘symbols’—like ‘abstract’ art, over fires

--green and red- video tints, changing into fairy tale figurines behind which, ghostly, appear, the traditional icons.

These might all be juxtaposed -however employed- with other exhibits (i.e what Celine suggests); those mirrors and portals to inspiration in the abandoned or particularly significant buildingscapes and the way artistic interventions have chosen to reinterpret them.