Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Friday 30th October ... can you make it?

Hey folks
How you all fixed for a Barefoot Doctors Open Surgery session next Friday?
It will be 30th October so maybe a little bit halloween fun wouldn't go amiss!
If there enough of us ...
I'm trying to get feedback because I know that some folks have other stuff taking place that night (it's Lichfield lantern procession and Friends of Ken have got a gig too )
Please comment back to say if you can make it ...
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Barefoot Doctors said...

We're going to be exploring visuals, symbols, images , pictures, colours etc ...thinking about evocative 'standstill' linked visuals. If anyone who is coming along can think of anything they have at home that they would like to bring in please do. Think about something that gives you the feeling of the depths of Winter, what the word 'standstill' conjures up , the winter solstice or anything about that time of year , the magic of stories, the dark and the light ... If you need some pointers to what Standstill has been about so far for people then let me know and I'll email you some stuff.

Guests list attendees - there are a few more people who are coming but haven't replied through facebook so there should be a few more faces than just those you can see so far :0)

Don't forget if you want to wear something spooky for halloween it will be fun... key colours would be black, orange, purple, dark green maybe !

Barefoot Doctors said...

Thanks everyone who came along Don't forget we're meeting up in Hanley- old post office , Thursday 3.30pm. We'll be exploring our Standstill landscape.
See you there :0