Friday, 19 February 2010

Barefoot Friday

Hi folks
The end of the month means its time to go BAREFOOTING !
We've changed the name of the monthly Barefoot Doctors Friday Surgery to Barefoot Friday. It sounds kinda funky, plus I was beginning to worry that one day somebody might ask me to treat their bunions and verruccas ! ....yeeeeeuck ! So if you want to get more involved with the Barefoot Doctors project it woud be great if you could get yourself along to the next session:
  • Friday 26th February
  • 6-8pm
  • Upstairs at 19 Barracks Square, Barracks Road, Newcastle under Lyme. ST5 1LG
(It's the Victorian army barrack building, straight opposite the bus station)
We have put an invite on facebook, so if you 'do facebook' take a look at the event info and if you can make it on 26th, click to say you are attending - it helps us to plan the session more if we have an idea how many folks will attend.

This month we are meeting to get the 100 Stories project off the ground.
The Barefoot Friday sessions for the next few months will be focussing on this project. You will have the opportunity to shape it, be in it , showcase what you can do.We anticipate a performance/ installation/ public showcase opportunity of some description sometime in the summer.
I went into Staffordshire University the other week to talk with the students at the Creative Communities Unit about what we do. Whilst I was there we started collecting a few quick stories from the people ... we didn't have too much time to get really stuck-in, but we still had fun. If you were there, come along and carry on with what we started.
If you generally struggle with Fridays ( with work commitments, transport etc ) drop me a quick note via email or post to say you want to be part of 100 Stories and we'll try to get you involved. As the 100 Stories project develops we will be host workshops outside the regular monthly Barefoot Friday routine. I'll let you know about them when they are planned.

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