Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2010 A New Year of Creativity

We hope that you had a good break and managed to get your feet up for 5 minutes ! Lets hope that the next decade brings hope, fulfilment, health and happiness.

Standstill and Clay kept us all pretty busy, we did alot of work together in just a few months - Clay was in October then we got going with Standstill straight after. The show was on 21st December - if you want to see photos from Standstill see the weblink www.standstill.yolasite.com

... So good work folks!

If you are about to make some New Year Resolutions, why not add this one to the list:
"Do something creative - Get myself along to the Barefoot Doctors sessions!

The Barefoot Doctors project is managed by B Arts and we are intrisically performing arts based and would love some folks to come along who want to be expressive in speech, movement and action, but don't let that alarm you ...we include all artforms - everything!

So if the thought of 'performing' scares you rigid, and maybe you don't consider yourself as a great singer, musician, dancer or performer don't worry - we welcome all artforms.

We have experience of working with artists from all over the world, we can all work together creatively.
If you are a visual artist, a graphics person , a crafts maker, a photographer, sculptor, writer, film maker ... at any level - student, amateur, professional, whatever we welcome everyone, anyone who wants to volunteer their time to be part of something that makes positive creative things happen in North Staffordshire.
  • We meet on the last Friday of each month
  • We meet in unit 19 of the Barracks workshops, on Barracks road, Newcastle under Lyme.
  • We usually meet at 6pm
Just pop in and say "Hiya" and we'll get the kettle on! Be lovely to see you.

We put information on other sites too:

You can keep up to date with us on facebook and see who our friends are... ( We are listed as a 'person' named Barefoot Doctors - not as a group. Thats because there is already a group on there from when the Barefoot Doctors project existed in the late 1990's and that group is a sort of reunion group ...so just search for us as a 'person'... if that makes sense)

Other sites you can find us on: http://blurbonline.ning.com http://twitter.com/barefootdoctors

B arts is supported by Arts Council England, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Lloyds TSB Foundation, The Baring Foundation and many others too numerous to mention.

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