Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Summer School live update.

Barefoot Doctors Summer School live update: 2:50pm We've spent the morning getting to know each other, finding out about ourselves and the people in the room with us. We're exploring STANDSTILL our big theme for this. Everyone is crawling around on the floor, pen in hand, scribbling away on the large roll of outstretched paper. The paper id getting filled with word , evocative words....around that special time of year when the nights will start to become shorted and the days will eventually become longer ...solstice, mid winter. Huddled together or all alone its a powerful time of year - loaded with emotion and expectation, overwhelmed senses. We all have ideas to share on this idea ....that's what we are all doing now. We all need a time to think, a time to standstill. What are your thoughts on this particular time of the year?

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