Friday, 17 July 2009

Review- First Barefoot Doctors Open Surgery.

Thanks to everyone who came along on Saturday 11th July, taking part in the first Barefoot Doctors Open Surgery, held in Newcastle under Lyme. Thanks to Rachel at 'picl' too, for opening their venue and staying around all morning.
We had 27 fabulous folks at the Open Surgery session. It was a friendly atmosphere, lots of smiling, everyone chatting , drinking tea and eating biscuits.
Essentially everyone had the opportunity to get away from their daily pressures and to talk to some like minded people - catch up with some familiar faces and make some new friends.
(Nice networking)
Everyone took part in the fun "Creative Symptoms"task, using various vessels and containers to mix our collective creative potion.
During the task people wrote down their symptoms - how they currently felt - about their skills and abilities, artistic ideas, artistic direction,the path they are on now, the path they want to take, opinions on community arts practice and their long term aspirations.
Folks said how useful they had found it and how they were looking forward to the next opportunity to get together.
So if you are itching to meet up again or if you couldn't make it last Saturday but still want to get involved in Barefoot Doctors please keep checking the blog.
New faces are always welcome, any age , any art form, any ability.
Details of how you can involved in the next Barefoot Doctors opportunity will be outlined in the next post. (Coming soon ... well, as soon as a I can type and upload!)


Big un said...

This is all looking really really good, the drop in session at Saturday was great. Looking forward to whats next.

Deborah said...

Cheers, check out 20th July post about the Barefoot Doctors Summer School.