Monday, 20 July 2009

Barefoot Doctors Summer School- details announced.

Barefoot Doctors Summer School.
3 special days of skills-sharing and personal development
for all creative souls in North Staffordshire.
  • Three days, 11am - 4pm
  • Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th August
  • Light lunch & refreshments provided.
  • All Summer School sessions will be taking place in Newcastle-under-Lyme, North Staffordshire.
  • Participants can live anywhere in North Staffordshire, plus any artists who want to work in North Staffordshire communities.
3 enjoyable days of collaboration and activity that aim to establish a strong and diverse network of artistic people who want to be Barefoot Doctors - people who want to develop and share the skills they currently have, maybe learn some brand new skills and make positive and creative things happen in North Staffordshire.
Attendance on all full three days is preferred , but if that is difficult just let us know before hand and we'll try to be as flexible as possible to make it work for you.
Over the 3 days we will:
  • have a unique opportunity to develop our own arts practice and community skills
  • learn from the skills and experiences of other people in the group
  • celebrate our strengths and recognise our weaker skills
  • feel relaxed to share our time and knowledge to develop others
  • work collectively in a bigger project
  • put our creativity to good use
  • learn something about ourselves
  • have fun!
These 3 days of participation and conversation will involve practical and enjoyable activities, dialogue and creative tasks with people of all skill levels and backgrounds. We will have fun and work in a relaxed and artistic atmosphere, with some outdoor exploration in the town centre.
Remember - it's for all current arts leaders ,budding artists and performers of the future,who are interested in visual arts, performing arts , new media arts, at any level of confidence and experience. We need a diverse range of people to make this work, so spread the word, perhaps your friends would like to come or you know someone who this might suit... let them know.
To get your booking form please contact us :
Telephone: 01782 638775
Booking is essential,
Reply before 5pm on Monday 10th August 2009.
The Barefoot Doctors Summer School is suitable for people aged 16 years and over.
Are you are under 16?
Would you like to be a Barefoot Doctor?
Still get in touch with us.
....just give us a call or email ( details below)
There will be several drop-in workshops for young people in August that will form the basis of a younger Barefoot Doctors group which will meet after the Summer too.
B Arts project are organising sevaerl sessions for young people this summer in Newcastle called CHIPS. It's or people aged 12 -18 years. CHIPS sessions will also be an ideal place to be creative and share your skills with people of your own age group using digital technology and new media with visual arts and music skills.
These particular sessions are mainly aimed at young people living in the Newcastle Borough due to funding requirements.
Session times: 11am - 1pm and afternoon sessions 2- 4pm
Dates :12/13/14/15/17/21/24/25/26 August 2009
The sessions held on 24/25/26 August will be based in outlying areas of the Newcastle , the rest will be in the town centre.
Interested in the CHIPS sessions?
Please contact Ben McManus about CHIPS.
Telephone: 01782 638775

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